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I like teamwork because I can learn from others. Once, I was very shy and did not know how to get along with other students, so everytime when the teacher gave us the task and asked us to finish in the teamwork, I was very scared. Then my classmates helped me, they gave me a lot opinion and they respected me, making me the indispensable person. Then I became brave and gave my opinion, we were in a group, every opinion meant so much. During these days, I was so excited about the experiment, we shared our idea and talked happily. It was such a happy moment, I liked cooperation.



Nowadays, working overtime is so common in many companies, especially in foreign companies, private companies, and joint ventures. As far as I am concerned, there are two main reasons of working overtime. For one thing, there is indeed too much work to do. If it is so, the boss should compensate staffs by paying them as overtime salary or giving them vacations. For another, some staffs are not suitable for their positions. In that case, the boss ought to help them to improve their working efficiency. If they are still not qualified, boss may change the positions for them, or to the worst, dismiss them. That"s all what I think about working overtime.



Beijing is the capital of China. It is the center of economy, politics, and culture. It locates in the northeastern part of China. It is hot in summer, but cold and dry in winter. It usually snows in winter. There are many tourist attractions in Beijing, such as Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and so on. It is a modern city with long history. In , the 29th Olympic Games was held in Beijing. It was a great success.



People always say that we should not judge a person from his appearance. In today"s society, the mass media is like the appearance, what they report will decide the way that people treat things. For most foreigners, before they come to China, they don"t know about this country. What they learn is from the mass media, the worse thing is that the media always report the negative sides. So when they come to China and realize things are much funny here. Before we make judgment, we need to search the overall information, or it is better for us to pay a visit. The way we treat things decides what kind of person we are.



I like to watch movies so much. Since I was very small, I have watched a lot of movies. Some people think that it is a waste of time on this amusement, then I can tell them they think in the wrong way. Watching movies is a good way to learn things. When I finish watching the movie, I will scan the comments on the Internet, then the analysis of the movie helps me understand the movie better. What"s more, I also learn the culture. Like the movie Mummy, I learn the Egypt culture. When I search more information, I feel like reading a history book. Watching movie is a funny way to learn knowledge.



My parents and I went to Beijing this summer.

It was a fine day, and we took the train together to our capital, Beijing.

We came to the tiananmen square that I had been longing for, and I was captivated by the beauty of the sight. In the past, I had only seen Beijing on the newspaper and TV, and the first time I came to the scene today, there were flowers everywhere, and I felt that Beijing was basically surrounded by flowers.

We first came to the Forbidden City, and we enjoyed the grandeur of the Forbidden City and listened to the tour guide"s history of the Forbidden City for thousands of years. The Palace Museum is full of patterns and looks fantastic. The first floor is finished, followed by the guide to the second floor, the second floor has a cool roof, from the balcony to look down, the road cars and people like ants crawling.

After watching the Palace Museum, we come to the nest, the bird"s nest is really big! The Beijing Olympic Games is held here. Speaking of which, I think of fuwa, smiley face...

We enter the gate of the bird"s nest to see a red carpet read: welcome! Then we can see the sports square, which is engraved with many people, some playing badminton, some playing basketball... You can say it"s everything!

After watching the bird"s nest, we went to the science park...

On this trip, I gained a lot of feeling and a lot of emotion


Since I go to school, the teachers gave us the class in the classroom, it seemed that sitting in the chair and looking at the blackboard are the only way to receive the knowledge. But my new Chinese teacher has showed me another way to learn knowledge. Last week, my Chinese teacher had asked us to write an article about protecting the environment, when she asked us how much we knew about the pollution, we shaked our heads. Then she told us to have the class in the reading room, we could some reading there and searched the information. It was so excited for us to do it, we like this special class and it is very helpful.



Following the rules can make the world in order, so that everyone"s time won"t be wasted. But there are always some people try to break the rules, just to show how different they are, some even think it is cool to do it. Recently, a young guy was riding his sliding plate in the railway station. He ignored the staffs" warning and just kept the way he was. He even shouted at the staff. At last, when policeman came, he apologized and promised would not do it again. What a rude boy. He only thought about himself and ignored the rules. What he did wasted everybody"s time. Breaking the rule only got himself a bad reputation.



Every year, the Oscar rewarding ceremony always catches the world"s attention, people wait for the live show and want to hear the good news of their favorite movies. This year, an awkward mistake happened. When the winner of best film announced, the director and filmmakers were giving their speech, someone realized that the letter was wrong and the real winner was another movie. At this awkward moment, the producer took no hesitation to admit that another movie was winner. He walked away and then sent congratulation. What a gentle man. His great manner impressed the audience. There must be the loss in his heart, but he respected the result and soon accepted the fact.



May I have your attention, please! I have an announcement to make.

The English Corner will be held this Sunday afternoon 4:00p.m. at the Cultural Square. Five American students studying inPekingUniversityare coming. What’s more important, Tina, one of them, is going to introduce the life style and education inAmerica. All of you can exchange your ideas with each other on topics telling the difference of study life in our country andAmericaand the difficulties in language learning after Tina’s introduction.

That’s all. Thank you for your attention.


这周六下午四点在文化广场举行英语角。有五个在北京大学留学的美国学生会过来。更重要的是,他们中的Tina将会给我们介绍美国的生活方式 和教育。Tina介绍完之后,你们都可以互相交换彼此的想法,说说中国和美国学习生活上的差异以及语言学习中的困难。



Air-conditioner is a kind of machine used at home, at the office or in the shopping hall and any other places. It is designed to change the air temperature and humidity within an area. Air-conditioner is used for cooling and sometimes heating depending on the air properties at a given time to create more favourable conditions. It"s frequently used during in the hot summer. In the north of China, it"s used for heating in the cold winter. I like air-conditioner in the summer days and nights. Once it turns on, the cool air will spread all over the room and I don"t want to leave there anymore. But people often feel dry in the air-conditioning area. Therefore, remember to drink more water to prevent you from too dry.



It is said that there is a beautiful mountain in the jiangxia district of wuhan - eight mountains. When “May 1”, our family drove to the eighth mountain to play.

It was a beautiful day. After two hours" journey, we came to the foot of the eighth mountain and looked up at the sky. The sky was blue and blue, and the white clouds were strolling leisurely. Looking out, only eight mountains, like a green dragon, soar into the air, and the mountains like green walls surround it. We began to climb the mountain along a rugged mountain road. The forest was quiet, and the occasional bird"s crisp and cheerful song. There were a lot of smooth stones on the road, and the stones were covered with green moss, and I was afraid to wrestle when I was not careful, and there were some scary little worms crawling around. At last we came to the top of the mountain, and there stood a magnificent hall, which stood on the top of the mountain, and looked down from the mountain, and the beautiful view was at the bottom of the eye, and the mountains and the trees were all over the mountains. The green mountain, the blue sky, the white clouds make up a charming picture.

The eighth mountain is really a beautiful place, do not believe, you also go to play!


When talking about success, people will think about the successful career and a lot of fortune. It seems that owing the fame and the money can make a person perfect. We are easy to envy others for the things they have, as the saying that the food is delicious next door. But we must realize that sometimes we are envied by others. There is a story about two girls who live in the same room, one is believed to be the perfect student because she studies so well and the other have a lot of friends though she gets the ordinary score. When they communicate with each other, they find that they envy about each other. We should be proud of the things we have, such as our parents’ caring, it is incomparable. Cherishing what we have and we will be happy all the time.



Earth is our home and environment is everything. Would you like to be a greener person to protect it? Here are some advice.


You should reduce the waste you produced, use both sides of papers and collect waste paper and soft drink cans. Then you had better sort them so that they can be recycled. It would be better for you to shut off the lights when you leaving. You’d better walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi. You can save energy and reduce air pollution. Besides, take a cloth bag when shopping to avoid using plastic bags less. Last but not least, never spit in public. It"s easy to be a green person. Let’s call on everyone.