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  【篇一】下雨天如何消磨时间? How to Kill Time in the Rainy Days?

No matter where you live, there is a period of time full of rain. Everything is not convenient in the rainy days, especially going out. Thus, if it is possible, many people will choose stay at home when it is raining outside. But how to kill this boring time is a question for many people, because most of them just sleep all day and night. Don’t you think that sleeping is boring and waste of time? Let me tell you some good ways to kill time in rainy days.

不管你在哪里,总会有一段时间是一直在下雨的。雨天使得什么都不方便,特别是出门。所以,如果可以的话,大部分人都会选择下雨的时候呆在家里。但是,如何消磨这些无聊的时间对很多人来说是个困扰,因为大部分人都是不分日夜的睡觉,难道你不觉得整天睡觉很无聊也很浪费时间?让我来告诉你一些雨天消磨时间的好方式。 In the first place, reading is absolutely a good choice to kill time indoor. I think I don’t need to emphasize the importance of reading as everybody knows. Look back our daily life, how many people have time to read now and then? Why don’t we just catch this chance to kill time and enhance ourselves? Secondly, playing games with families or friends is beneficial. Most people would stay at home in the rainy days. At this time they can play games, such as, play cards and Truth Or Dare. Those games are interesting and helpful for their relationship with each other. Last but not least, it is a good chance for talking. In the usual time, maybe it is hard to find a chance to have a nice talk with your family, because everyone is so busy. Rainy day provides a chance for you. You can sit down and have a nice talk to learn each other better. You will feel time flies when you doing these. 首先,看书绝对是在家消磨时间的好方法。我觉得读书的好处就不用我再强调了吧。回顾一下我们的日常生活,有多少人是偶尔有时间看看书的?为什么我们就不能抓住这个机会,既消磨时间又提升自我。第二,跟家人或朋友玩游戏是很有益的。大部分人雨天都是呆在家里的。这个时候他们可以一起玩游戏,比如,打牌,真心话大冒险。这鞋游戏都是很有趣也有助于增进彼此的关系。最后但并非最不重要的,这也是谈心的好机会。平时,也许很难找到机会跟你的家人好好聊聊,因为大家都很忙。雨天就提供了这么一个机会。大家可以坐下来好好的谈谈心更加的了解彼此。在做这些事情的时候你肯定会觉得时间飞逝。 In a word, you will not dislike rainy days if you know how to kill it. The three ways mentioned above is helpful. 总之,如果你懂得如何在雨天消磨时间的话你肯定不会讨厌雨天的。上面提到的三个方式真的很有用。

  【篇二】中国建党日 The China Communist Party Day

In 1941, The Communist Party of China had decided that July 1st is the China Communist Party Day. As we all know, the communist party of China is China"s vanguard of the working class as well as the vanguard of the Chinese nation. CPC is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, on behalf of the development of China"s advanced productive forces, represent the direction of Chinese advanced culture, represent the fundamental interests of most people in China. The party"s highest ideal and ultimate goal is to realize communism.

1941年,中国共产党决定把每年的7月1日定为中国共产党建党日。我们都知道,中国共产党是中国工人阶级的先锋队,同时是中国人民和中华民族的先锋队,是中国特色社会主义事业的领导核心,代表中国先进生产力的发展要求,代表中国先进文化的前进方向,代表中国最广大人民的根本利益。党的理想和最终目标是实现共产主义。 We are all proud of the historic achievements of the Party and the people. The Chinese people firmly advocate the leadership of Chinese communist party. Under the China communist party leadership, the Chinese people and our country have made great changes. The CPC is loading implementation the Chinese nation is great revived historical mission. At this moment, our people live in a better life and a better society. As a student, I think we should study harder and make contribution to our country. Only in this way, we can make our Chinese dream come true. 我们对建党以来所取得的伟大成就感到骄傲自豪。中国人民坚定不移的拥护中国共产党。在中国共产党的领导下,我国的人民和国家发生了巨大变化。中国共产党负担着实现中华民族的伟大复兴。在这一刻,我们的人民生活变得更好,社会也变得更好。作为一名学生,我认为我们应该更加的努力学习,为我们的国家做贡献。只有这样,我们才能实现我们的中国梦。

  【篇三】香港回归日 The Return Day of Hong Kong

On July 1st, 1997, this day was a very meaningful day for every Chinese. On this special day, after Great Britain had occupied it for 155 years and Japan had occupied it during the World War II, Hong Kong has finally returned to our motherland, China.

1997年7月1日,这一天对每一个中国人来说都意义重大。在这特别的一天,香港在被英国统治了155年,被日本在第二次世界大战中霸占之后,终于回到了祖国母亲的怀抱。 In 1842, after the government of Qing dynasty had lost battle for Great Britain, China had to sign an unfair contract, the treaty of Nanking with the England. According to the contract, Hong Kong would be ruled by the Great Britain for 99 years. 1842年,由于清政府在战争中输给了英国,中国不得不和英国签署不平等条约《南京条约》。根据不平等条约,香港被英国统治长达99年。 Deng Xiaoping, who had made great contribution to the return of Hong Kong, first put forward the policy “one country, two systems”, try to rule the country by this way. The history has proved that we walk on the right path. Under the one country two-system policy, the whole country develops fast and stable. 邓小平为香港回归做出了巨大贡献。他率先提出了“一国两制”的方针政策,试着用这一政策治理国家。历史已经证明,我们走上了一条正确的道路。在一国两制的方针政策下,我们的国家快速稳定的发展。 This year is the 17th year after Hong Kong has returned to China. The History has told us that lagging behind, you’ll be bullied and humiliated. We should look into the future, but never forget about the past. Try our best to build our country into a strong and prosper one. 今年是香港回归的第17个年头。历史告诉我们:落后就要挨打。我们应该展望未来,但是也不能忘记过去。努力把我们的祖国建设成一个强大、繁荣的国家!