塑料袋的危害英语作文|高中英语作文:塑料袋 Plastics

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  【篇一】塑料袋 Plastics

Plastics are man-made materials with new properties. They are anywhere in our daily lives. They are very light but they can hold heavy things. That’s why they’re so popular all around the world.
Plastics have found their widest applications. They can be used for almost everything from food coverings to automobiles bodies. Thousands of different products are now made entirely or partially from plastics. Of course more and more plastics will be made in the future.
However, because the plastics are not rusting, they have negative effects on the global environment. The plastics bags are not easily to break down. If you’re burning them, they gas will pollute the environment. If you throw them into the river, the fish will die because they’re contain toxic. If you bury them, the land will not grow any crops. Most of the plastics are white, thus people call it “white pollution”.
In order to protect the environment, we should not use plastics if we could. We should use some cloths bags instead. Only in this way, we can have a good environment.





  【篇二】雪人 Snowman

Many friends of mine who study in the north upload a lot of interesting pictures about snowmen on their personal blogs. Born in the south and bred in the south; I never ever have a chance to see snow. I think they must have fun when they made a snowman. I really envy them. Every time I tell my parents we should go to the north for Spring Festival but they don’t agree (my father has some relations in Shanxi where snows every year) they think we could get sick because of the cold weather. Maybe someday I can travel to the north by myself.

I know that the cultural in the north is totally different from south. In south, we almost eat everything, while in the north, people staple food is wheat. I hear that they eat noodles all the time. I don’t know it’s true or not. I just want to travel to there to test it by myself. In my opinion, traveling alone or with my friends to the north is quite a challenge for me. I wish i can save enough money, so I can go there to see the view of the north.

  【篇三】我的母亲 My Mother

I came back to school after the summer vacation. As soon as I settled down, I made a phone call to my mother. When I talked to her, I could not hold back my tears. “After all,” I said, “You’re my mother.”

During the vacation, mother and I had a quarrel. After that we were unwilling to talk with each other. She thought I was her sweet daughter and I believed that she did not respect me. Then after few days, I left home. My mother gave me a full package of home-make food and she said to me, “I cook this morning, take this then you can have it on the train.” However, I refuse to take it. I just turned away and slam the door without saying goodbye to my mother. I was still angry about her. “You’re still my good girl.” My mother said in a low voice chocked with sob.
On the train I could not eat anything, I felt terrible. How I wish I had said sorry to my mother before I left. Now all I want to say is, will you forgive me, my dear mother?